Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the next cycle of Gigi School of Coding start?
2. Gigi School of Coding duration; is it a full-time engagement?
3. Do I have to pay a fee if accepted?
4. When can I apply for Gigi School of Coding?
5. Do I get allowance while attending the school?
6. Do we get to mingle with the rest of the employees in Mistral and attend company events?
7. Can we use the game room and kitchen / Mistral Social Zone?
8. Is Gigi School of Coding only for developers?
9. Is the entrance test the same for everyone?
10. I am looking for career change, but do not have an IT background, can I apply?
11. How many people get accepted?
12. How do I apply for an internship position?
13. What language are the classes in?
14. What can I expect after applying?
15. How can I coordinate Gigi School of Coding with my university lectures or exams?
16. When will the test/ interview take place?
17. What are the main criteria for evaluating candidates?
18. What areas will be covered during Gigi School of Coding?
19. Do we have to bring our own laptops while attending the Gigi program?
20. Who are the teachers / mentors of the program?
21. What are the minimal requirements for applying?