Mila Gračanin

She loves a good joke, books, chocolate and ... well, all kinds of chocolate. You may spot her riding a fine lady vintage style bike, or cruising along the town streets in her MINI. She LOVES yoga and pushing the limits, meeting new interesting people, and learning with them. That is where you come in. 'In Mistral we understand that a lack of effective communication skills, and lack of a proficiency in the English language can cause difficulties and create apprehension. That is the main reason why acquiring the English language as a tool of written and oral communication, along the skills of interpersonal interaction, is important to be addressed in the Gigi’s language lab. 'Voila! – That is where she comes in; developing learners’ communicative competence is her main responsibility and her forte! 'You will be learning English through engagement in thought provoking, motivation checking, goals setting oriented activities, impromptu public speaking and mini presentations, role playing, mock conference (Skype) calls. You will also receive useful feedback on your performance on daily basis. Yes, learning is a serious commitment, but you get that already if you are a true Gigijevac!