Sulejman Ćatibušić

The one and only Gigi. Luigi (Gigi) Riva, an Italian football representation leftwinger was an inspiration for Sulejman’s nickname as he was an awesome footballer back in the day. However, his love of technologies and the quest for technical excellence is what remained consistent throughout his life. Gigi’s background is a combination of experience in the education and industry sectors, the perfect mix which enabled him to have the nose for what direction we should be heading in! His two sons are now senior developers, so the school is his baby now, and Gigijevci his greatest motivation. It is because of them (and maybe you?), that he keeps enhancing the bootcamp program and keeps offering the best possible work experience for everyone with a passion for software development.

His CV probably contains a minimum of 10 pages, but his knowledge could easily be compared with a “Wikipedia for Developers”! Be prepared to be cherished, supported and challenged by our true Number 1 in Education!