YES, we have made a few changes to the program in response to your feedback. Although everyone enjoyed the benefits of learning about every aspect of the software development cycle, candidates expressed a wish to have even more hours dedicated to their preferred specialization (frontend, backend or QA).

We’ve managed to adjust our program to hit everyone’s sweet spot. The school will still require your full focus, with a working time from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, 4 months. The difference now is that after 1 month of joint classes, you will be divided into 3 tracks depending on your preference that you clearly have to state in the application form.

All lessons will be taught using real-life examples, and everything learnt will directly be applied to a team project.


In the first month all 20 candidates will learn about the development lifecycle starting with MongoDB, Node and Express, followed by the fundamentals of React, UI/UX, and accompanied by the software testing basics. From there, the schedule will depend on which track you choose.

When it comes to learning DevOps, Agile principles, and practising the English language and communication skills, we got you covered. Literally. These modules cover your entire schedule from day 1 to day 112.


MongoDB (Data modeling, Database design, Database references), Node / Express (Repository pattern, Unit of work, Create Identity server, Secure project, Authentication, Authorization / middlewares, OAuth2 implementation, CRUD operations for all documents)


React (functional and class components, custom validation, conditional rendering, styling, use of event handlers and component state, stopping memory leaks, slack bot, email notifications), UI/UX (mockups, wireframes, adaptive design, html, css), React Native


Manual API testing, Automated API testing, Basic Approach to Test Automation, GUI Testing, First script that follows 3A principle - Arrangement / Action / Assertion, Mobile Emulation - Automation Test Android, Load & Performance Testing

Upon completion of the course, the candidates will receive a “Certificate of Attendance”.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but not before you check the FAQ section FAQ section here.